Baby Onesies with Sayings for Aunt and Uncle

Baby Onesies with Sayings for Aunt and Uncle - Baby Onesie Message

Onesies can certainly be super cool and funky with unique sayings and text messages printed on them. Have your baby girls and baby boys dressed in cute sayings onesies. These aunt and uncle onesies printed with fun-filled sayings make the best choice of baby clothes. Baby onesie uncle sayings and baby onesies with sayings for aunts.

Here is the newest collection of best baby onesie sayings and baby onesie Messages. Have these baby onesies with funny sayings for your dearest munchkins to make their boring onesies really cool and comfy wears.

Baby Onesies with Sayings for Aunts

If you find me cute then you haven’t met my aunt.

My mom is so serious but my aunt is serious fun.

I love my aunt because she pampers me unconditionally.

Given a choice, I would always want to be with my aunt.

If you are messing with me then you are messing with my AUNT.

My AUNT is really amazing, would you be my uncle?

So what my mom is taken, my AUNT is still single.

I promise my AUNT is going to make an awesome Wife.

My AUNT is the best bestie in the world.

I love my AUNT and it’s not because of her gifts.

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Baby Onesies with Uncle Sayings and Messages

If you mess with me then I must tell you that my uncle is really strong.

I have my uncle and so I don’t need a bodyguard.

I am born with a partner in crime: My UNCLE.

I cannot wait to get advice on relationships from you.

If you are looking for a hunk then my UNCLE is right here.

My UNCLE loves me more than his glass of whiskey.

My UNCLE says that I am adorable like him.

I want to be as cool as my uncle.

I get my killing looks from my UNCLE.

I have a cute smile and so does my UNCLE.

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