Sympathy Messages for Loss of Family Member

Sympathy messages for loss of family member

The loss of a family member leaves the family shattered and a void in the family. The sympathy wishes for the loss of the family member can be sent through cards, text messages along with condolence notes to the members.

Following are expressive samples of sympathy messages to send on the loss of a dear family member:

1). Dear friend, I extend my deepest sympathies for the loss of your family member. I pray to the Lord to bless you with courage during this hard time.

2). This text carries sympathies to my cousin for the death of the family member. I hope you and your family get all the support and strength to sail through this difficult time.

3). Through this text, I would like to offer my sympathies for my colleague who has lost a family member. Be strong and have faith in Lord for it is He who will give you courage.

4). Dear sister, I extend my loving sympathies for the loss of the family member. I hope this difficult time sails away with grace and you get all the strength.

5). Through this text, sending sympathies to my brother for the loss of the family member. Stay strong and this hard time would fade away soon to be back to normal life.

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