20 Slogan on World Population Day in English and Hindi

World Population Day Slogans - best and catchy slogans

World Population Day Slogans: Make this July 11th all the more meaningful by sharing the most impactful World Population Day slogans with your family and friends. With World Population Day slogans in English and Hindi, you can make more and more people aware of the problem of population. Overpopulation slogans and posters, World Population Day image slogans make a worthy share on this important occasion.

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World Population Day Slogans in English

“Overpopulation is one problem which can create many other problems.”

“Let us join hands to control population and save this world.”

If you wish to have more than two children then adoption is the best thing to do.”

“It is very easy to add more heads to the world but very difficult to maintain them.”

The quality of life would depend upon the population of the world.”

“Keep the population under control so that there is better life for everyone on the planet.”

Want to have a better life? Say no to over population.”

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Slogans on Control of Population Growth

“Control the growth of population to make life better for each and everyone.”

“Plan your family right to protect the planet and control the population growth.”

Take a pledge to make this world a better place…. To control the growth of population.”

“Controlling the population today will reflect in its benefits in our tomorrow.”

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Posters on World Population Day with Slogans

“More people on the planet mean less space for each one of us.”

“Increasing population means over exploitation of resources.”

“Earth will not be able to carry the increasing load of population for long…. Wake up!!!”

“By having a small family, you can have a happy family.”

Slogans on World Population Day in Hindi

“Jansankhya badhti rahegi toh sukh aur saadhan ghate rahenge.”

“Agar hum apna kal surakshit chahte hain toh humein humare aaj mein badhti jan sankhya ko rokna hoga.”

“Is duniya ko bachana hai toh humein jan sankhya par kaabu karna padega.”

“Jinke parivar honge chote, unke Jeevan mein sukh honge zyada.”

“Jan sankhya par karke kaabu hum is duniya ko bacha sakte hain.”

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Overpopulation Slogans and Posters

We can only save the planet by controlling population.

Let us act before there is a mismatch between population and resources.

We must admit that overpopulation is a problem and then must act.

Taking overpopulation lightly will prove to be a big mistake.

Slogan on Population Control in Hindi

Aabadi ko agar aaj nahi roka gaya toh kal bahut bhayanak hoga.

Badhti aabadi ko rokne ka kaam hum sabko milkar karna hai.

Yadi aabadi aise hi badhti rahi toh pralay nishchit hai.

Aao saath mein aakar aabadi ko badhne se roke.

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