Sorry Messages to Boss

Sorry Text messages to boss

For a boss or an employer in a company, if you conduct any wrongdoing to displease the boss it would eventually lead to jeopardy in work. An angry boss ready to fire an employee in work is the last thing anyone would want in office As such; seeking forgiveness through sorry messages is the best way to make him grant your wish. The sorry wishes can also be sent with gifts for the boss.

Some of the best samples of sorry wishes for the boss sent through text messages are listed below to choose from:

1). Dear boss, I seek sorry from you for the loss I have caused due to my wrongdoing. I hope you will forgive me and have a change of heart with the loving gifts I send you.

2). For sweet boss, I am much in guilt for having caused loss to the company with my action during holiday. I seek forgiveness and send this apology sorry wish hoping you will grant me the wish.

3). Lovely sorry wish for my good boss through this text. I seek forgiveness for the wrongdoing and hope you will forgive me with all your heart to let me correct the mistake.

4). To my boss, I seek forgiveness through this text and hope you will forgive me for the mistake. I am much lucky to have such a caring employer who tends to all employees and friends equally.

5). Through this text, I seek forgiveness from my boss for the wrongdoing. I am sorry that I have hurt you with my action and promise to rectify it within time of your birthday and hope you will forgive me.

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  • Mini March 15, 2017, 3:43 pm

    Referring to the apologies above, not all boss take them. Some boss are mad in manner that if he or she received something like this he will get mad… the messages didn’t mature enough. though some will accept this but make it more mature.. Thanks