Retirement Messages for Coworkers

Coworkers Retirement Messages

Retirement message for coworker wishes him/her a happy retirement life. After working so many years with your coworker, there must an emotional bonding you share with him/her. Through the words, you can give him/her a reward for the work and your message makes him feels good. Write your expression beautifully and present it through a text message. The message can be precise and you can present your thoughts both emotionally and in a fun loving way. Here, we give you a collection of retirement message examples for coworker; you can check it out to write your own.

Funny Retirement Messages for Coworkers

Wish your coworker in a fun loving way and express your feelings on his/her retirement. Write your retirement message and give your best wishes for spending a happy retirement life. The message brings out your emotion of love.

“No more following time schedule, no more bearing the nagging of coworkers, your life is free from now on. Though we miss you, but we are happy from our heart. Enjoy your freedom the way you want. Happy retirement.”

Retirement Farewell Messages for Coworkers

Give a retirement farewell to your coworker by sending a beautiful retirement message. It pays off his/her services and wishes the best of luck for the future. A text message brings alive all those moments you have spent together.

“You must be proud of yourself because you have achieved what you want. Without you, we all miss our stress reliever, but the time has come to leave your stress behind. Enjoy your life with your loved ones. Happy retirement.”

Miscellaneous samples for retirement message for coworker:

“You are going to start a new chapter of life. I wish you a very happy retired life. Do whatever you want to do without worrying for anyone. It is your life, so enjoy it.”

“Relax your mind and keep your soul in peace, because it is your retired life. You are the inspiration of all and we all miss you. A new life welcomes you, so go with the mood. A happy retirement life.”

“Happy days come into your life with full of fun and joy. You gave your best at work; now give your best to enjoy your life. Discover things and waste time, you can do everything, and trust me there is no one who scold you. Happy retirement life.”

“The 9 to 5 days are past, so make your own schedule to enjoy your life, now everyday seems weekend for you. Enjoy your holiday from now on. Wish you a very happy retirement.”

“It is your retirement and it calls for a celebration. You are free from everything what bound in a routine life. Enjoy your living and start planning for the new thing. Wish you success in achieving your happy dreams.”

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