Best Panda Day Messages, Panda Quotes & Greetings – March 16

Panda Day Messages, Panda Quotes, Save Panda Slogans

March 16th is observed as Panda Day. Pandas are probably the cutest animal on the planet and celebrating this day is all about creating awareness about saving these adorable creatures. Share panda quotes and panda slogans with your family and friends to wish them. Have save panda quotes and giant panda bear day messages shared on your social media to remind everyone to love them and save them from getting extinct.

Here are the newest Panda Day messages, quotes, greetings. Share the amazing save panda slogans and panda quotes for Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook.

Happy Panda Day Messages, Quotes & Greetings

“There is no better way to celebrate Panda Day than to go and see a panda and spend some time with this fluffy animal.”

“Wishing a very Happy Panda Day to everyone. Let us save pandas because they are so full of love and cuteness and we all need them.”

“If given a choice then I would want to be born again as a panda because all I will need to do is sleep, eat and repeat. Happy Panda Day.”

“Warm wishes on Panda Day to all. This day reminds each of us that pandas are gradually getting extinct and we must wake up.”

“Being the humans, it is our responsibility to save pandas from getting extinct because they are in that situation because of us. Happy Panda Day.”

“On Panda Day, let us take inspiration from pandas to always be happy and smiling because that’s the best way to live life.”

“There is no hug better than a warm, giant hug from panda. Let us make it a memorable Panda Day by hugging the adorable pandas.”

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Funny Panda Quotes and Sayings

Don’t let the pandas go missing from the planet. Save them.

You truly know what love is when you hug a panda.

There is nothing as cute, as adorable and as fun as a panda.

God created pandas to spread love in this world.

Panda Instagram Captions For Cute Panda

Save panda because they are cute.

We must wake up to the pandas because they need us.

Pandas are only love and nothing else.

Pandas: Unmatched cuteness and lots of love.

Pandas know how to make the most of each of their days… Sleep and Eat.

At some point in time, we all want to be like pandas and do nothing.

It is always better to be a panda than being a human.

Pandas are the happiest because they don’t do anything.

Pandas are a proof that happiness doesn’t always lie in doing something.

Be a panda, eat and sleep and you will have a perfect life.

Catchy Save Panda Slogans

Save pandas today to have them in our tomorrows.

We don’t want our future generations to miss pandas.

Pandas need to be saved, right now!!!

Pandas are going extinct because of humans and now humans must save them.

A panda is a cute bundle of joy we would always need.

All you can do is smile when you see a panda. Save them!!

Pandas are dependent on us for their survival.

Don’t let pandas become a part of extinct animals. Save pandas!!

It would be a happier tomorrow with pandas.

Pandas don’t deserve to go extinct. Let us save them.

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