Inspirational Messages to a Friends

Friends Inspirational text Messages

Inspirational wishes for a friend are sent to the friends to inspire them for doing something or to create a feeling of inspiration in the friend for life. The inspiration wishes  encourage or motivate the friend to do well in life or do something important for him or her and excel in it. For a friend who has lost the jest in life, inspirational wishes work a lot to bring the jest for life. The inspirational wishes for the friend can be sent through text messages or through inspirational cards for the friend. One can also send inspirational video clips for the friend to make him or her feel better. Some of the samples of inspirational wishes for friend examples sent in different ways are given below:

Inspirational Message to a Friend Leaving

For a friend leaving, the inspirational and motivational wishes can be sent through text messages or  cards wishing him or her to do well in whatever field for he is leaving. Be it for a new job or a new venture the friend is leaving, the inspirational wishes can encourage him or her to do well in that and send wishes for the friendship.

“it is too hard to see you leave, though your leaving for work makes me encourage you for the new venture you are seeking to join in. I wish you all the good luck, love and good wishes in life for you to excel.”

Inspirational Message to a Friend who passed away

For a friend who has passed away, the inspirational wishes can be sent to the family members of the friend motivating them to carry on with life and sending notes about the beloved friend who has departed.

“My friend was one of the best few of my life who was always with help by my side. He is not gone, but remains in our hearts in beautiful and everlasting memories. He is looking down upon us from Heaven and I extend my condolences for the family members of my friend and support to pass this difficult time.”

Inspirational Birthday Messages for Friends

Birthdays are a day of great celebration among friends as they get together, hang out or party and celebrate birthdays. The inspirational wishes for a friend’s birthday can be sent through cards or video clips with birthday wishes can inspirational wishes recorded in a DVD and sent.

“A birthday is a celebration of a year of happiness and sorrows of one’s life. I wish you my beloved friend a happy birthday and pray to the Lord to bless you with love and cherished moments of life always.”

Christmas Inspirational Messages to Friends

Christmas is a day of celebration, feasting and merry making. The Christmas wishes for the friend are sent along with Christmas wishes through cards, text messages or video clips. One can also send Christmas gifts for the friends along with the inspirational Christmas wishes.

“Christmas is welcoming baby Jesus onto earth with love and happiness as he showers peace in the world, happiness and love in our hearts and lives. I wish you my friend a merry Christmas and look forward to celebrating this Christmas with feasting and merry making together.”

Inspirational Messages for Sick Friend

A sick friend needs care, love and inspiration from a friend which would make him or her feel better and recover. The inspirational wishes for a sick friend can be sent through text messages or cards along with get well soon wish for the friend.

“For my sick friend, get well soon and recover faster than ever. The illness is just a phase making your body much stronger and better for future. I pray to the Lord to recover you fast and give you the strength to be back to regular routine like before.”

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