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Housewarming Messages Sample

Housewarming party is thrown by the host for family and friends to invite them over for a snack or meal and chill out in their new residence. In India the occasion is termed as Griha Pravesh. Housewarming is conducted when a family decides to move to a new residence. All the closed relatives and friends are invited for meal called potluck and in return friends and family turn up with gifts and best wishes for the new house.

Here a few sample text messages with examples that might come handy while you are out on a housewarming party:

Housewarming Messages to Friend

Whenever you need a helping hand, friends always stick around. They help you shift, move in, and settle despite of their busy schedule. Their warm wishes are mostly from the bottom of the heart.

 “You have built your own castle and we are very excited to be a part of the celebration. Congratulations for your new address.”

Housewarming Invitation Messages

The final step in building our nest is to invite all our loved ones to our new place and celebrate the joy with them. Invitation has to be simple but genuine. You need not get swayed away by wordy emotions. Short and simple messages are more powerful.

 “Smile, wishes, and blessings that exactly what we need to make our house sweet home so bring them all in our house warming party”

Housewarming Messages to Colleagues

After our house, office is where we spend most of our time. Our colleagues become our expanded family so they truly deserve our love and affection. We love to include them in our personal lives too.

 “Congratulations for your new house, you truly deserve your own beautiful place to reside and experience peace after a long day at office. Wish you a sweet life ahead.”

Housewarming Party Invitation Message

Housewarming party is celebrated when one purchases a new home and invites friends and loved ones for showing them the beautiful home. It is a celebration of the living in a new home. The house is decorated beautifully with flowers and accessories and feasts are prepared for the guests. The housewarming party invitations are sent through text messages to friends and relatives letting them know about the date and venue of the party.

“For my dear friend, I send this invitation to the housewarming party to be organized at my new home tomorrow. Kindly be there by 6pm in 36, Downtown Lane for celebrating together and making the occasion special.”

Housewarming Messages to Sister

Sister is a person who makes our house the most beautiful place to reside and when she moves in her own place it is an occasion to celebrate. You become overwhelmed when you see her getting a place of her own.

“It’s a great feeling see you set up your world. Congratulations wish you a happy life. Love you always.”

Housewarming Card Messages when Sending Flowers

There are occasions when we due to certain obligation you are unable to attend our loved one’s housewarming party. In such case a bouquet of flowers with your personalized message can compensate for your absence.

 “With these flowers we send our wishes for your new life at your new house. May your new house bring many colors and fragrance in your life like these flowers.”

Housewarming Messages to Boss

Messages sent to boss are usually formal and they also convey gratitude for the invitation. This way you are able to bond outside your office. This way you strengthen both personally and professionally.

 “Congratulations Sir, may this new house give you and your family lots of success.”

Housewarming Function Messages

Housewarming function messages are very important part of wishing the host luck for his new residence. It shows that you are happy to be a part of his celebration. You tend to shower him with love and blessing.

 “To have one’s own beautiful home to go back is the sweetest feeling. Congratulations to you     for being lucky”

Housewarming Holiday Messages

Housewarming serves as a kind of get together too. Hence, everything from invitations, party, gifts to wishes has to be special. You are sure to have fun as you start exploring the new house and the excitement the host seems to be in.

“You are cordially invited for my housewarming party, and please don’t get bored if I start giving unending details of my new house”

Housewarming Greeting Card Messages

Greeting card messages are meant to reach out to our loves ones. They hold a different kind of emotion in a cute and lovely manner. The messages are simple yet powerful enough to touch your heart.

 “On this special occasion would like to wish you, Congratulations for dream house. May this house prove very for you.”

Housewarming Party Card Messages

Let messages for the house warming occasion be different and fun. It is okay to add a few twists and make the party lot happening than expected. After all friends makes life happening and full of surprises.

 “Housewarming celebrations should never cease. Happening friends should be invited regularly for party. Congratulations for our new home!”

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