Funny Invitation Messages for Engagement

Funny Invitation text Messages for Engagement

Humorous and funny invitation wishes and quotes for inviting people to the engagement. Funnier invitation wishes can be sent to the loved ones through text messages.

Funny engagement invitations are humorous and are meant to being smile on the faces of the invitees. The funny invitation messages can be sent through text messages with funny smiley or through beautiful cards with funny characters or funny quotes.

Excellent samples of funny and humorous invitation messages for engagement are listed below:

1). Dear cousin, inviting you to the engagement of my daughter. Do arrive in time and do not be late to miss the occasion or else you would not be invited to any further events for sure.

2). To my friend, sending you the invitation to my engagement tomorrow. Do arrive with lovely gifts for me and my fiancé or else your engagement would have the worst gift from me.

3). For a special friend, inviting you to the engagement of my son tomorrow. I hope you will dress well this time and not end up looking like a disaster like last year.

4). To my dearest friend, inviting you to my engagement tomorrow at Regal Plaza. I hope you arrive with the beautiful gift you promised me and not just any gift you like to pick up.

5). This text carries invitation to my friend for the engagement of my daughter. Come with your blessings and good wishes for the couple and not only for the intention of gorging on food.

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