Amazing National Scrabble Day Messages for Loved ones

National Scrabble Day Messages for Loved ones

We all know Scrabble as a wonderful game. This game of forming words is an amazing board game which is the best way to enhance your vocabulary in a playful manner. Alfred Mosher Butts, a lover of games and an amateur artist is the man behind creation of this game. Every year, since 1931, April 13th is celebrated as National Scrabble Day. Playing scrabble with your friends on this day and sending them lovely messages on National Scrabble Day is a unique way of celebrating this day.

Here is a collection of amazing National Scrabble Day messages and quotes which you can use to send warm greetings to your family and friends.

National Scrabble Day Wishes Images, Messages and Quotes

1. On this occasion of National Scrabble day, let us all come together and play this awesome game.

2. Let us celebrate this day with simple, sweet and meaningful words. Happy National Scrabble day.

3. Let us play this wonderful past time game and bring our child hood memories back.

4. A salute to this wonderful game of letters and words. Happy National Scrabble day.

5. Whether you are sad or happy, dull or charged up…. One game that you can always play with your friends to feel better is Scrabble…. Wishing you a very Happy National Scrabble Day…. May you learn more words and win more games in times to come!!!

6. One thing that connects us with each other is Scrabble…. The game that has always been our favorite pastime since our childhood…. I wish we could again play this game and relive those beautiful childhood times…. Warm wishes to you on Happy National Scrabble Day.

7. On National Scrabble Day, I challenge you to play this awesome game with me and win over me… Make sure you come prepared with the newest of the words because I promise to win it….. With you all the luck…. Wish you a very Happy National Scrabble Day!!!

8. We have come a long way…. Starting with simple, sweet words….. Moving on to difficult and smart words….. That’s how I would define the journey of Scrabble for us…. With lots of love, wishing you a very Happy National Scrabble Day 2023!!

9. While playing Scrabble, when you are short of words…. It is time to start reading dictionary and add some more new words to your vocabulary to match up the competition….. Warm wishes to you on National Scrabble Day…. Wishing you a great game every time you play!

10. Today is National Scrabble Day….. a day to flaunt our knowledge of words…. A day to play smart and nag your opponent by winning the game…. A day to enjoy with your siblings….. Wishing you a rocking National Scrabble Day my dear.

11. The one who can think of the longest words with highest points at each and every turn is surely a champion of Scrabble…. I wish you are blessed with this amazing talent to make the finest words to earn the best of the points…. Warm greetings on National Scrabble Day to you.

12. Don’t ever lose the game of scrabble with your sibling or be prepared to be nagged for months…. Make this National Scrabble Day more fun and more memorable by playing this amazing game with your family and friends…. Best of luck to you my friend.

13. I wish you all the luck and words to win each and every game of Scrabble that you play…. I wish this National Scrabble Day you are blessed with highest energies to win this game by making some awesome words…. With lots of love, wishing you good luck!!!

14. There is no other way to make a day happy than playing Scrabble…. I wish that you end every day of your life by playing this amazing game with your loved ones….. Wishing you a very Happy National Scrabble Day blessed with many new words and more points!!!

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