Wedding Anniversary Messages to Parents

Wedding Program Message to Parents

List of wedding anniversary messages samples to express good wishes to parents’ marriage centenary:

1). To my lovely parents, I wish you both a marvellous wedding anniversary. I hope you both would enjoy a lot in the grandest party and I would join you all soon.

2). This text carries good wedding anniversary wishes for my sweet parents. I also send beautiful gifts to make the occasion much special for my dear mother and father.

3). Wishing my dear parents a happy wedding anniversary. I look forward to celebrating with you in the evening and hope we have a great time together.

4). Sending my love and happy wedding anniversary wishes for my cute parents. Your love for each other is unique and binding which shows in the beautiful relationship.

5). I wish my dear parents a happy wedding anniversary and look forward to celebrating in a grand way. I also send your favourite gifts and hope you would love them.

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