Valentine Messages for Boyfriend far Away

Valentine Messages for Boyfriend far Away

A boyfriend may stay far away from a girlfriend due to work or studies which requires him to stay far away in some other place. In that way, the romantic communication between them is through calls and texts and the wishes can be sent through text messages.

Following are given fascinating samples of valentine’s day messages 2017 for the boyfriend who lives far away:

1). I wish you were here with me celebrating this beautiful day with me, loving me more, kissing me more, hugging me tight…. I wish that this distance between us vanishes soon and we are together forever….. With love, 2017 Happy Valentine’s Day my darling.

2). I hope you know that you are being missed and you are being missed badly by someone who is not close to you but her heart beats just for you…. Come back soon because it is not easy to live without you….. Happy Valentine’s Day to the man who rules my heart and my soul.

3). Thanks for loving me but you shouldn’t have loved me so much that I miss you like crazy…. I wish you could fly and come to me, hide me in your arms and kiss me deep…. Happy Valentine’s Day to you my love…. I wish this distance end soon and we meet to stay together forever.

4). Dear boyfriend living far away, I wish you a happy valentine’s day. I am much thrilled to receive the romantic token from you expressing your deep love for me.

5). Happy Valentine’s Day wishes for my boyfriend living far away. I send gifts for you to celebrate the day of love with dear ones and make it memorable.

6). Wishing my boyfriend living far away a happy valentine’s day. I am missing you a lot and look forward to seeing you soon to celebrate together when you come.

7). I wish my boyfriend living far away a happy valentine’s day. On this day, I hope our relationship presents us more fruitful moments of togetherness forever.

8). Happy Valentine’s Day wishes especially for my boyfriend living far away. I hope you celebrate the day well with your friends since I am not near you now.

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