Thank You Message to Boss for Gift

Thank You Message to Boss for Gift

Boss sends gifts for the employees during birthdays or any festive occasions like Christmas. The gifts are sent as an act of care for the employee by the boss. The employee sends thankful wishes to the boss through text message for the gifts.

List of beautiful samples of thank you messages given below for the boss for the gifts given in workstation:

1). Thanking you dear boss for the precious gift you gave me yesterday. I would treasure such a valuable memento I received from you with all my heart.

2). Thank you boss for the lovely gift you send me on my anniversary. Your present holds a special place in my heart and I would safeguard it all my life.

3). I thank my boss for the gifts presented to me on my wedding. I am much happy that you attended the ceremony and made my day more special.

4). Much thanks to my boss for the gift offer in office. I gladly accept the bonus deal and express my thankfulness with all heart.

5). Through this text, I would like to thank my boss for the treasured gift you gave me in office. I have decorated it in my office table to keep it by my side always.

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