Take Care Messages for Ex Girlfriend

Sample Take Care Messages for Ex Girlfriend

The take care wishes for the ex girlfriend can be sent through text messages. An ex girlfriend is one with whom a guy was in a romantic relationship earlier. The take care messages for the ex girlfriend would let her know that she is still cared for.

Show your concern for the ex girlfriend and make her feel cared for by the following take care messages samples:

1). Dear ex girlfriend, do take care of yourself and the medicines in time to recover soon from the illness. I look forward to meeting you soon in good health and prosperity.

2). To my ex girlfriend, I send gifts of your choice and love to make your day cheerful. I hope you are taking good care of yourself and everyone in the family.

3). Take care my ex girlfriend and be in good health as your well bring would keep me happy always. The moments we shared are the fondest ones in my life I cherish forever.

4). This text carries my love and take care wishes for my ex girlfriend. I also send gifts for your birthday to celebrate well with your friends and family.

5). My ex girlfriend, do take care of yourself and recover soon to meet me. I eagerly look forward to you bring fit and fine and back in work soon.

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