Sorry Messages for Hurting Girlfriend

Hurting Girlfriend Sorry Messages

Hurting a girlfriend is a bad thing to do as it results in making the love relationship sour among the couple. The boyfriend can send sorry wishes for hurting the girlfriend which may result in her giving forgiveness for him. The sorry wishes can be sent through love text messages for the girlfriend.

Following are excellent samples of sorry messages for hurting girlfriend listed below:

1). Dear girlfriend, I am really sorry for hurting you yesterday by commenting on you. I ask forgiveness for the same and hope you will accept my apology.

2). For sweet girlfriend, I am extremely sorry that I hurt you and I send this sorry wish with gifts to please you. I hope you will forgive me with love.

3). To cute girlfriend, this sorry wish seeks forgiveness for hurting you unknowingly. I am feeling too guilty for having troubled your mind and hope you will forgive me.

4). Through this text, I say sorry to my girlfriend for having hurt her. I am extremely ashamed at my behaviour and hope you will accept my apology with all heart.

5). This text says sorry to my girlfriend for hurting her from me with gifts and flowers. I am really very sorry for troubling your mind with unnecessary issues and hope you will forgive me.

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