Songkran Festival Messages Wishes Quotes

Songkran Festival Messages Wishes

Songkran is a three days long festival which is celebrated from 13th to 15th April every year as the Traditional New Year Festival in Thailand. This is also known as the Thai New Year or Thailand Water Festival which is also celebrated by Buddhist community in North Easter India. This auspicious day is considered as the day for washing away all the sins and welcoming good fortune. During these 3 days, people way with water to wash away their sins.

Songkran Festival Sample Messages Wishes Quotes

This is the time to send beautiful Songkran messages to your family and friends wishing them a Happy New Year. Given below are some funny and cute Songkran quotes using which you can send across best wishes to the people you love.

1). As the New Year has arrived, it is time to forget all the pains, sorrows and problems of the past and enter the future which is full of opportunities. Wishing you a Happy Songkran Festival.

2). Every year offers 365 days of opportunities and it depends on you, how you make them beautiful days of your life. May God bless you with happiness and love. Happy Songkran Festival.

3). Wishing you not just smile but lots of laughter, not just wealth but prosperity and success, not just happiness but blissful joy. May you get just the best. Warm wishes on Songkran Festival.

4). Life is all about moving ahead and with the advent of 2016, it is time to begin a new chapter of your life. May God shower his blessings on you. Happy Songkran Festival to you and your family.

5). May the showers of water wash always all your problems and sorrows. May the fresh year bring along happiness and glory. Sending warm wishes for you as we enter 2016. Happy Songkran Festival.

6). Whether you won or lost in past, it is not important. What is important is to keep moving ahead without giving up. Wishing you glorious Happy Songkran Festival 2016 to you and your loved ones.

7). The year of 2015 is a book of lessons you have learnt and year of 2016 is a new book you are going to write this year. May you have a great year of learning. Happy Songkran Festival 2016.

8). May Lord Buddha shower his blessings on you and make all your dreams come true in this upcoming year. May you are blessed with health and happiness. Happy Songkran Festival.

9). I pray to Lord Buddha to inspire you for a meaningful and prosperous life. May He give you strength to achieve your goals. Wishing you and your family a successful Happy Songkran Festival.

10). As the year ends, let us look forward for a year full of joy, fun, health and prosperity. Let us pray to God for his blessings. Warm wishes on Songkran Festival to you.

Use the above given sample text messages and quotes to wish your family and friends a beautiful and prosperous Happy Songkran Festival 2016. Each of the quotes given above are perfect to share your joy and wish for their happiness as the New Year begins.

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