Ram Navami Messages

Ram Navami Messages

Ram Navmi is one of the most important festivals of Hindus which is celebrated with great spirits. This auspicious day falls on the 9th day of Chaitra month as per Hindu lunar year. This day marks the culmination of nine days long celebrations of Chaitra Navaratri. This festival is also the birthday of Lord Ram, the day when Lord Vishnu incarnated as Rama on Earth. In 2016, Ram Navami will fall on 14th April.

It is the time to wish your family, friends and relatives Happy Ram Navami by sending lovely messages and sharing beautiful quotes on this auspicious day. Given below is a collection of the latest Ram Navami messages in English and Hindi which you can send everyone on Whatsapp to wish them on this special day.

1). Let us chant sacred mantras to praise Lord Ram and ask for his blessings. I hope you are bestowed with love and blessings of Lord Ram. Happy Ram Navami to you and your family.

2). Om Sri Ram…. Chanting this mantra is the right way to begin this auspicious day. May this day bring happiness and success in your life. Sending warm wishes on occasion of Ram Navami to you.

3). I wish that Lord Ram showers his blessings on you in form of harmony, joy and prosperity. I pray for your health and success. Wishing you and your family a Happy Ram Navami 2016.

4). I hope that your life is brightened with the divine blessings of Lord Shri Ram. I hope that you enjoy happiness, wealth, success and glory in life. Warm wishes on Happy Ram Navami to you.

5). Jinke mann  mein hai Shri Ram, jeevan mein  hai unke sukh, chain aur aaram. Unke charno mein jisne vaara hai apna jeevan, mil gaya hai use prem aur gyan. Ram Navami hi hardik badhaiyan.

6). On the auspicious occasion of Ram Navami, I pray to Lord Ram to brighten your life with harmony, joy and prosperity.  Sending warm wishes to you and your family. Happy Ram Navami.

7). Chant the mantra “Om Shri Ram” and offer yourself in the service of Lord Ram as that is the path for happiness, success and salvation. Wishing you a wonderful Happy Ram Navami.

8). On the occasion of Ram Navami, let us offer prayers to Lord Ram to seek his blessings. Let us pray for happiness, harmony and success in our life. Happy Ram Navami to you and your family.

9). Lord Ram is the eternal savior with the power to change our lives with his divine blessings. Let us come together to offer him prayers on Ram Navami and be blessed. Happy Ram Navami.

10). May Lord Ram bless you with all the happiness, peace, harmony and happiness on the beautiful occasion of Ram Navami. Wishing you and your family a Happy Ram Navami.

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