New Year Messages to Friends and Loved ones

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New Year wishes for friends and loved ones can be sent through text messages and beautiful cards. The wishes would make the friends and the loved ones feel good and cared for by the sender. The loved ones are any close person of a family of the sender. The funny New Year wishes can be sent along with gifts for them.

Following are good samples of happy new year messages 2017 to friends and loved ones to choose from:

1). On the advent of another fresh year, I wish for you days that are full of happiness and free from problems, heart that is joyous and healthy, mind that is free from burdens and love that is unconditional…. Wishing you a warm and Happy New Year my dear!!!

2). May the sun of this New Year brighten your life with more happiness in your heart and power in your hands…. May the moon of 2017 infuse your life with peace and harmony… With best wishes for success and prosperity, Happy New Year to you and your family.

3). With 2017 knocking our door, it is time to indulge in celebrations to welcome the new times. Wishing you the best New Year. May it bring along happiness, success and glory in your life.

4). Let us all pray for a lovely year ahead. Let us all pray for blessing of the Almighty. Let us all pray for a stronger bond of love. Wishing you a warm Happy New Year 2017. Have a blast!!!

5). Dear friend and loved one, I send happy new year wishes for you both. I hope this new year brings in good moments of happiness in your lives throughout.

6). To friends and loved ones, I send happy and prosperous new year wishes for all of you. I also send beautiful gifts for the new year and hope you would love them.

7). For friends and loved ones, happy new year wishes for all. I eagerly look forward to joining you all in the grand celebration of the new year beginning in the evening.

8). For my friends and loved ones, happy new year wishes to all. Let your new year be the best and you have much cherished moments to treasure this year.

9). This text carries happy new year wishes for my friends and loved ones. I hope you all have a prosperous new year and earn love and success in all spheres.

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