New Year Messages for Boyfriend 2017

New Year messages for boyfriend 2016

With New Year 2017 approaching, it is the perfect time to share your feelings with your boyfriend by writing a beautiful New Year love message to him which brings out the emotions deep down in your heart. Make the most important man in your life feel special with these sweet sample quotes.

Use these example text messages which help you show the passionate and romantic side of you to your adorable boyfriend in the most beautiful way.

Example of New Year messages for boyfriend 2017

1). I don’t know what the New Year is going to bring to you but I know one thing that God is surely going to bless our relationship with more love and stronger bonding making every day a blessed day for us…. Wishing you a loved and blessed Happy New Year my love.

2). I wish that in this fresh year, we spend more time with each other so that we have more memories to cherish…. May we are together, bonded with love, for life and enjoying this beautiful journey of love holding hands in hands…. With love, Happy New Year honey.

3). Warm New Year wishes to the most amazing man in life. I wish 2017 brings happiness and glory to your life. Thanks for being my strength and trusting my abilities and beliefs. Thanks for loving me so much. Happy New Year.

4). Another year has passed by, another year is about to come But my love for you is never going to fade with fading times Wishing you a wonderful 2017. Best New Year wishes to the man I love.

5). I wish to God that we spend 2017 holding each other’s hands, embracing each other’s soul. I wish that our bond gets stronger with passing time. I wish a beautiful Happy New Year to the most amazing person in my life.

6). Let’s promise to create beautiful memories in 2017. Let’s promise to be there with each other forever. Let’s promise to celebrate the New Year together. Warm wishes to you my darling.

7). With 2017 approaching, I pray that you are blessed with success and happiness. You are my strength and my soul. Wishing you a rocking New Year my love.

8). Looking forward for another New Year full of romance, passion and affection for each other. I wish our bond of love gets stronger with passage of time. Warm New Year wishes to the man in my life.

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