National Beer Day Wishes

National Beer Day Wishes Message

National Beer Day is celebrated in different countries on different days. It is the day when buying, selling and drinking beer was legalized by the government. On this special day, people gather together to celebrate by gathering outside breweries and indulging in beer. Send beautiful and funny National Beer Day text messages and quotes to your family and friends to wish them on National Beer Lovers’ Day in the most special way.

Drinking beer is fun and when you have one more occasion to have beer with your friends then who in this world is going to miss this chance? Given below are a few National Beer Day wishes sample funny text messages and cute quotes which you can use to wish everyone around you.

Use these cute and funny text messages to wish your buddies Happy National Beer Day 2016 is the most amazing way.

1). I would never miss a chance to have one more beer with you my dearest buddy. Let’s come together and celebrate National Beer Lover’s Day. Happy National Beer Day to you. Cheers!!

1). I have never come across in my life anything called as bad beer. It is simply that some taste better than the others. Let us meet to taste some better ones. Happy National Beer Day!!

2). Having one more reason to have beer is like the most beautiful blessing by Almighty. Let us celebrate this blessing by partying hard tonight. Warm wishes on National Beer Day my pal.

3). Whether you are happy or you are sad, there is one thing that can surely bring a smile on your face and that is the BEER…. Wishing you a wonderful National Beer Day my friend. Cheers!!!

4). There are only two occasions to have beer… one is when you are happy and the other is when you are sad. Happy National Beer Lover’s Day my friend…. Have a wonderful day blessed with beer!!

4). On the occasion of National Beer Day, I pray to God to bless you with unlimited supply of beer for all your life so that you only have happiness and peace in your life. Happy National Beer Day.

5). When you are happy or you are sad and you have no one to share your feelings with, there is someone who will always soothe your pain and that is BEER. Happy National Beer Day to you.

6). There are times when life feels like a challenge but with a pint of beer, everything seems so easy and enchanting. This is the magic of this magical drink. Have a beer filled National Beer Day.

7). It is surely the best time of the year when you get to enjoy unlimited beer with your friends. Let us all celebrate the happy times by indulging in beer. Happy National Beer Day to you.

8). Life is incomplete without a best friend and with beer mugs in our hands, we have our dearest friend with us. Wishing you a rocking Happy National Beer Day full of unlimited pints.

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