National Arbor Day Wishes

National Arbor Day Wishes

The last Friday of April is celebrated as National Arbor Day every year. Arbor or Arbour is a Latin word which means trees. On this day, individuals and groups are inspirited and encouraged to plant trees and take care of trees in order to make our planet a healthier place to live. This day is observed in spring season as it is the suitable season for planting trees.

In 2016, National Arbor Day will be on 29th April. On this day you must send beautiful encouraging quotes and text messages to friends and family on Whatsapp to wish them Happy Arbor Day and motivate them to be a part of this celebration by planting trees. Given below is a collection of lovely National Arbor Day messages which you can send as warm wishes to people you love.

1). Trees are like beautiful poems written on sky by earth. Let us not destroy these life giving creations as they are precious gifts of nature. Wishing you a National Arbor Day 2016.

2). Let us not reach to a point when all trees have cut down for our needs and we have nothing to eat or drink or breathe. Let us conserve them by joining hands. Happy National Arbor Day to you.

3). Trees are like blessings of Earth on mankind. They give us flowers, fruits, shelter, air and love to life a happy and healthy life. Let us plant more trees and save them. Happy National Arbor Day.

4). The real meaning of life lies in planting trees and saving the ones our ancestors have planted. Let us promise ourselves to plant more and more trees. Best wishes on National Arbor Day to you.

5). Sitting under a tree on a hot summer day is the love of the tree in form of shadow. Let us return the innumerable favors of trees by conserving them. Warm wishes on National Arbor Day 2016.

6). On the occasion of National Arbor Day, let us join hands to save trees and plant more and more trees this year for a healthier and greener planet. Wishing Happy National Arbor Day to you.

7). Let us leave a healthier planet Earth for our children by planting more and more trees today. Let us bring more positivity and greenery by saving and protecting trees. Happy National Arbor Day.

8). We don’t need a day to save a tree. We don’t need a date to plan a tree. We don’t need a reason to save our planet. It is our responsibility. Wishing Happy National Arbor Day to you and your family.

9). Tall standing trees always inspire us to plant more and more trees to save our planet. Let us plant one tree per person for a greener planet. Happy National Arbor Day 2016 to you.

10). To the trees which have always been giving, let us come together to water them, save them and multiply them by planting more trees. Best wishes on National Arbor Day to you and your family.

Wish everyone around you a wonderful Happy National Arbor by sending thoughtful inspirational messages and quotes on Whatsapp. Use the above given collection of sample messages to send warm wishes.

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