Love Messages for Wedding Invitations

Love Messages for Wedding Invitations

Some wedding invitations also include love notes mentioning how the coupe met, their love story and about the beautiful bond they share. These wedding invitations may also have best photographs of the bride and the groom together in the invitations.

Following are heart touching love message samples to include in wedding invitations for friends and dear ones:

1). Inviting my dear friend with love to the wedding ceremony of my brother on Tuesday. I send the invitation with my heart for a lovely companion who has been by my side always.

2). Invitation to my wedding for my close friend with whom I spent much cherished moments. I am lucky to have you as my buddy and would be luckier to have your presence on marriage.

3). Cousin, I invite you to my wedding ceremony to be held this Sunday. I hope we celebrate together the sweet love moments we have cherished from our childhood till now.

4). A sister is a special person with whom moments of love and togetherness I have shared from long time. I invite my dear sis to my wedding on Thursday and hope you would be there.

5). For a brother who has been more a friend than a sibling, I invite you to my wedding ceremony. Let us join together to celebrate the buddy moments we have spent always.

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