Invitation Messages for Diwali Party

Invitation Messages for Diwali Party

Diwali parties are held to celebrate the beautiful festival of lights Diwali. The parties include lighting up fireworks and engaging in feasting together. The Diwali party is held to celebrate the auspicious occasion of Diwali, which signifies the victory of good over evil.

Good samples of invitation messages for Diwali party to send to concerned people are given below:

1). I am looking forward for a wonderful celebration as we will be celebrating the day of Diwali with each other…. Will wait for you to join us to make them memorable…. Happy Diwali!!

2). Diwali is more fun when you have your loved ones to celebrate it with you… We invite you to our home to add more sparkles to Diwali this year…. Let us meet and wish Diwali to each other.

3). Diwali is approaching and our Diwali celebrations would be incomplete without your presence… We will look forward to have you and make it a memorable occasion for all of us.

4). For dear friend, I invite you to the Diwali party at my place this Diwali. Let us come together to celebrate the festival of lights in an auspicious and best way.

5). Dearest friend, inviting you to the Diwali party to be held at Roi Plaza this week. Come together to celebrate the festival of lights and crack fireworks together.

6). For my lovely friend, I send the invitation for the Diwali party this week at my place. I hope to see you joining me in celebrating the festival of lights in a grandest way.

7). To my sweet cousin, do arrive for the celebration of the festival of lights this week. I send you this beautiful Diwali party invitation with love and gifts.

8). To dear love, I invite you to the Diwali party next week at my residence and look forward to you joining me in the celebration. Lit fireworks to diminish darkness and welcome light in our lives.

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