International Joke Day Wishes

international joke day wishes

International Joke Day is celebrated on 1st July. It is a global event when comedians from all over the world come up with the best of their rib tickling jokes and hilarious one liners. In this stressful and hectic scenario, it is very important to laugh and this day gives you all the reasons to laugh out loud and forget all your tensions and worries and just enjoy funny jokes.

Given below is a latest collection of some of the funniest International Joke Day sample messages. You can use these short messages and example quotes to wish your family and friends.

1). A man calls the hospital and shouts, “My wife is in labor, send help.” The nurse says,” Is it the first child”. The man says,” It’s the husband”. Happy International Joke Day to you.

2). You know you are in Canada when you have had a real long telephonic conversation with someone who had dialed a wrong number. Happy International Joke Day J

3). You need at least one witness to prove a murder and at least two witnesses to register a marriage. Now you know what is more dangerous. Hilarious wishes on International Joke Day.

4). Blondes enjoy driving in winters as all potholes are filled with snow reducing the chances of accidents. Have a wonderful International Joke Day to you.

5). Wife said lets watch a horror movie. Husband said lets watch our marriage’s video recording. Keep laughing like this on International Joke Day.

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