International Children’s Day Message

International Children day message

International Children’s Day is the celebration of childhood. It is observed on June 01, 2016. In 1925, this day was chosen to be celebrated as International Children’s Day at the World Conference for the Well-being of Children in Geneva, Switzerland. Children across the globe are honored on this special day. On this beautiful day, cute messages are sent to wish kids on this day. You can even wish your friends, family and fellow workers on this wonderful day to call back the most special days of your life which have become a sweet memory now.

Given below is a collection of International Children’s Day sample text messages and amazing quotes that are perfect to wish little children who are the future of the world. Use these wonderful Whatsapp messages and Facebook quotes to express your love to the children.

International Children’s Day Sample Text Messages

1). Dear child, always be honest with people around to as this will bring trust in your relationship. Always be humble as this will make you a great person. Wishing you Happy International Children’s Day.

2). Let children be free… free to play, free to make mistakes as they are like birds who will learn only when they will be allowed to  use their wings. Happy International Children’s Day 2016.

3). A child is a precious treasure and you must take best care of it. Nurture him with love and affection to make a wonderful when he grows up. Wishing you International Children’s Day.

4). Always teach your child to be rooted with the ground and never hesitate in giving him wings. Your love will always bring him back to you. Warm wishes on International Children’s Day.

5). Let these young souls be free. Let them enjoy their childhood times with happiness and innocence as this time is going to come back. Happy International Children’s Day 2016.

6). Children are the most beautiful gifts from God and should always be handled with utmost care and affection. Warm wishes to your kids on International Children’s Day 2016. God bless them.

7). A kid only needs a hug to smile, attention to be happy and your affection to grow up. Never hesitate in giving him all that he needs. Happy International Children’s Day to your children.

8). The best gift that you can give your children is your time. Never compromise in giving them the most beautiful gift which can make their life. Warm wishes on International Children’s Day.

9). Childhood innocence vanishes fast, even before we realize it and the most beautiful chapter of our life becomes a sweet memory. Missing those wonderful days. Happy International Children’s Day.

10). Childhood is one of the most precious things that even money cannot buy and it must be lived to the fullest for it never comes back. Wishing you International Children’s Day 2016.

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