Independence Day Messages to Teacher

Independence Day Messages to Teacher

15th August 1947 is the date when India got its freedom. Many freedom fighters and citizens sacrificed their lives to make their dream of an independent India a reality. Teachers are the first ones to introduce this important day to us when we are school and they are also the ones who mentor us and guide us at every step. Wish your respectable teachers Happy Independence Day on this special day by sending warm congratulation greetings via Whatsapp or on Facebook.

Here are a few handpicked Independence Day text messages to teachers. Use these lovely patriotic quotes to express your thoughts and emotions on this day.

1). Dear Teacher, you have always taught us the importance of freedom. On Independence Day, I wish the citizens of our free India learn to become more responsible. Happy Independence Day.

2). Sending warm wishes on the occasion of Indian Independence Day to you. Thanks for educating us to be sensitive adults who always think for their nation before themselves. Jai Hind!!!

3). Prosperity of a nation is directly proportional to the success and happiness of its citizens. I pray that our nation becomes the most prosperous country. Happy Independence Day to you.

4). The beauty of life is in balance and freedom of a country is always balanced with responsibility of the citizens. Sending warm wishes on the special occasion of Independence Day to you.

5). Future of a nation is in the hands of a teacher. You are the one who taught us the importance of Independence Day. May everyone is blessed with a teacher like you. Happy Independence Day.

6). The real meaning of independence is the freedom to think and act without any constraints. May our nation become independent in the real sense. Happy Independence Day to you dear teacher.

7). Dearest Ma’am, thanks for enlightening us with the history of our country and making us responsible citizens of India. Wishing you a very Happy Independence Day. Vande Mataram!!

8). Teachers like you inspire children to respect and value freedom that came to us after many efforts. Sending warm wishes to you on the special occasion of Independence Day. Jai Hind!

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