Holi Messages for Girlfriend

happy holi messages for girlfriend

A Holi message for your girlfriend is all about expressing your colors of love to her. A text message brings some beautiful memories through words that make her feel special. When you write a Holi message for your girlfriend that means you present your true emotion to her and let her feel the same as yours. With a happy Holi, you promise her to be with her always and share every colors of life with her.

A nice collection of Holi wishes messages express your true feeling of love.

“Having you in my life has filled my life with beautiful colors. May God bless us both with happiness and prosperity. May our relationship grow stronger. Happy Holi to my love.“

“This Holi, let us add beautiful platter of colors to our life. Let us splash each other with hues of laughter, romance and joy. Wishing you a colorful Happy Holi to the prettiest lady.“

“You are the one who pours the brightest colors in my life and make my life beautiful. Sharing my colors with you gives me the happiest feeling; I want to enjoy all hues of emotions only with you. Make the journey longer and let’s enjoy it together. Happy Holi and love you.”

“Feel the color of love in your heart, which I send through my words. I love you is the truth of my life and it brings the color of joy and smile. Paint a beautiful tomorrow together and fill the vacant space of our canvas with many different colors. I love you and happy Holi.”

“The beautiful color of my love, I feel when I take you in my arms; it is the colors of love which I promise I never let it fade. Being with you pours colors in my heart and makes my life beautiful. I always be with you in your smile and in tear and want to share every emotion with you. Happy Holi.”

“I want to steal the color of rainbow and the color of butterfly to paint my future with you where red, green, blue and all colors give their smiling face in my painting, there will be no shade of pain and black. Happy Holi.”

“Loving you is the truth of my life; I never let you go. Others say colors bring happiness in your life, but for me, it is you. You are the color of my life and you are everything. I love you. Happy Holi.”

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