Holi Messages for Friends

Holi Messages for Friends

Holi is the festival of color and love and it is time for celebrating all colors of life. Holi message for friends is nothing but wishing them a happy Holi with giving your best wishes. We all want a colorful life and a message expresses these feelings to your friends. As friends are the loving parts of our life, sending a beautiful Holi message present our emotion perfectly. A beautiful collection of Holi message for friends is given to you to express your feelings of love to them.

“Let us dedicate the festival of colors to our beautiful friendship which is a blend of all colors. Let us create new memories this year on this special occasion. Wishing you a very Happy Holi 2016.“

“On this colorful festival, let us come together to celebrate the moments of happiness and joy. Let us spend special moments of friendship on Holi. Best wishes to you on Holi my friend.“

“Let the colors flow in your life, let them make their own memories; the days I spend with you are colorful and I wish the color of our friendship never fades whatever the situation will be. I wish you a very happy Holi.”

“Our all emotions take a color to express, because our life is a big canvas and the challenge of life is to make it colorful. You share the colors of joy, happiness and smile with me and make my canvas perfect. Happy Holi my friend”

“The time has come to throw water balloons, taste delicious sweets and rub all colors to your life. Take a dip in the hues and feel the colors as every color has its own story to tell. Don’t miss it and enjoy Holi. Happy Holi.”

“Renew yourself with splashing of the color and say goodbye to your boring black and while life. Live full and be you and spread the colors of joy to others. Give a color to your smile and give a color to your tear, life seems colorful. Happy holy my friend.”

“Give your life wings and fly in colorful sky; enjoy the shower of rainbow rain and steal the hues of love. Feel it and make it your own; love it and accept what comes. Life is nothing but a colorful journey, so enjoy your way of life. I wish you a happy Holi.”

“Paint a new image with the hues of love, joy and happiness, wash your brush and shake off your all pain with it. Love your life and pour all colors in your heart. Happy Holi.”

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