Happy New Year Quotes 2017

Happy New Year Quotes 2016

Wish your dear ones with funny and cute New Year quotes that express your feelings in beautiful words. Frame warm New Year love messages to your friends, relatives and acquaintances.

Use the example New Year best wishes message given below for 2017 to shower your loved ones with blessings for the coming year. Send them as text messages or write heartfelt quotes to them.

Sample of Happy New Year Quotes 2017

1). Happy New Year to you…. I wish that this year bring with it warmth of love and care, brightness of happiness and hope, strength to face the challenges and grow…. May God bless you with his love and care that always encourage you to move ahead in life. Have a great year.

2). May the coming year bring along new experiences for you…. May you walk the path of success and work hard to achieve all your goals… May God always support you in making your dreams a reality… Wishing you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year my dear.

3). May the year of 2017 flourishes with new opportunities. May you bring new discoveries to life. May you have a wonderful year. Happy New Year.

4). I pray to the Almighty that the dawn of 2017 brings along happiness, glory and hope in your life. May the New Year is filled with a brighter future. Warm New Year wishes to you and your family.

5). End of one year marks the beginning of new one. With advent of 2017, another chapter will be added to your book of life. Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year.

6). As 2017 approaches, I pray for new hopes and opportunities for you. Best wishes to you on this New Year. May you have a wonderful year infused with happiness and glory.

7). With the coming of 2017, I pray a life filled up happiness and hope. May you cherish the memories of your past and enter the future with high energies. Happy New Year.

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