Good Morning Messages to a Girl you have a Crush on

Good Morning Messages to a Girl Crush

For a girl on whom one has a crush, the morning wishes can be sent in a special way through beautiful cards along with gifts for her. This will make the wishes special as well as make the girl happy and feel loved. The girl would always remember the morning wishes sent in this beautiful way. One can also send the wishes through text messages on mobile for the girl.

Following are samples of Good Morning Messages to a Girl you have a Crush on:

1). Dear girl, I love you from the bottom of my heart my crush and send you a beautiful good morning wish. I also send you gifts to make your day more beautiful.

2). Dearest girl, sending you lovely good morning wishes to brighten up your day. I wish I were near you my crush to enjoy the beautiful sunrise over the hilltop.

3). Sweet girl, I have a crush on you and wish you a lovely good morning. I send your favorite dress as a gift and hope you love it as much as I would love you see you wearing it.

4). Cute girl, through this text I wish you a good morning my crush. I hope you are enjoying the lovely sunrise like I am doing now where the rays shining the dewdrops.

5). Dearest girl whom I have a crush on, with much love I send you a good morning wish along with gifts. I hope you would like them and keep them with you always.

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