Funny Easter Messages to Family

Funny Easter Messages to Family

The funny Easter wishes to the family can be sent through cards with funny texts, quotes or funny pictures. One can also send funny video clips with Easter wishes for the family. The funny Easter wishes are humorous and w3ould make the person smile and happy.

Below are some sample funny text messages that you can send to your family.

1). Easter is about sharing love, fasting and praying. Let’s fast together this Christmas. It’s good to do dieting sometimes. Happy Easter.

2). Easter means praying to God .Its about celebration, colorful eggs and bunnies. I hope you all have colorful eggs and chocolate bunnies in your basket. Happy Easter.

3). It’s surprising to have colorful eggs on Easter. How do they become colorful. Happy Easter.

4). Easter is incomplete without eggs and bunnies. Wishing you an egg stra special Easter.

5). We should not keep all our eggs in one basket. But when Easter comes, they give only one basket. Happy Easter.

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