Funny Christmas Wishes Messages for Lover

Lovers Sweet Christmas Message

Funny Christmas wishes are humorous and are meant to bring a smile on the face of the boyfriend or the girlfriend. The funny Christmas wishes for the lovers love and friendship can be sent through text messages with funny smiley, through cards with funny quotes or characters and also by uploading funny Christmas greetings photographs on social networking sites. One can also create a funny Christmas video clip and send it to the lover to make him or her happy and cheerful on Christmas.

Below are some of sample funny 2016 Christmas wishes messages for your lover.

1). When I look at you, I see Santa in you, who can get me the most desired presents and hug me tight to wish me Merry Christmas… Have a wonderful holiday season my love.

2). I don’t think I need any gifts this Christmas because I have the biggest present and that is you my love.. Warm wishes to the loveliest and cutest man I know… Merry Christmas.

3). When I say I don’t want any present, I am just being nice… so I will be waiting for my surprise Christmas gift which is a solitaire… Merry Christmas my love!!!

4). Never let your girlfriend be empty handed on Christmas… to make it a happier occasion, but her the best thing in life to make her smile.. Merry Christmas to you my love.

5). I don’t need any more presents on Christmas because I have you and I am sure you can buy me everything that I desire for… Merry Christmas and thanks for making it so special.

6). The love in your eyes tells me that I mean everything to you… On Christmas, I am sure you will surprise me with something special… Merry Xmas to you darling and I will be waiting.

7). Santa’s did not find your name in the bad people’s list. So I told him to look in the cute list. And now he is on his way. Merry Christmas.

8). On Christmas 2016, I wish that you come dressed as Santa and bring me all of my favorite gifts to surprise me. This is just one wish which I want to turn into reality. Merry Xmas my sweetheart.

9). Christmas is incomplete without presents. And I am still waiting for know what have you bought for me. Wishing you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year my love. Waiting for my gift!!!!!

10). My wish this Christmas is to get that special one in my life. Santa said that he will give me the gift. So at night when Santa comes, he will wrap you up and bring it to me. Have a joyous Christmas.

11). Santa is not going to give gifts to bad girls. So its better you don’t expect one. Merry Christmas.

12). This year Christmas is cancelled as you were not good with me. So if you want to celebrate Christmas, you will have to spend the day with me. Have a very Merry Christmas.

13). I am not going to give you gifts this Christmas. Because you already have me. Have a lovable Christmas.

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