Christmas Messages For Friends

Christmas Messages For Friends

Friends are a companion for life and friendship the biggest boon gift of God. The Christmas celebration is a beautiful occasion of celebrating together with friends. Friends from far and near come together to feast and make merry and celebrate the beautiful of Christmas. The Christmas wishes for friends are sent through text messages and through cards. One can also send gifts along with the cards to make the wishes much special. One can also send Christmas wishes for friends through social networking sites by uploading pictures of Christmas. One can also send the Christmas wishes through beautiful video clips with Christmas wishes for friends.

Let us see some of the Christmas wishes 2016 for friends sent in different ways:

Funny Merry Christmas Messages for Friends

Funny Christmas wishes for friends are humorous wishes and are sent to bring a smile on the face of friends on Christmas spirits. The funny Christmas wishes are sent through text messages with funny smiley, through cards with funny characters and funny Christmas quotes. One can also send a funny Christmas wish video for the friend and send it through a DVD.

“This is to inform you that Christmas in cancelled as I called up Santa and he is on hibernation still. However I send you merry Christmas wishes if he arrives, I may be informed late of his change of plans, aren’t it?”

Christmas Messages for Friends Overseas

Friends live far and wide in different places overseas and the Christmas wishes for these friends are sent through text messages through mobile and through emails. For overseas friends, one can also send a beautiful Christmas photograph ideas on social networking sites with the wishes. These wishes will make the friend feel loved and special.

“Have a happy Christmas overseas my friend. May you have loads of celebration moments and I send love and beautiful cards with this card to make your Christmas special.”

Christmas Messages for Friendship

Christmas is a special occasion for feasting and celebrating the birth of baby Jesus and also the God gifted bond of friendship friends share. Christmas wishes for friendship are sent through beautiful friendship cards with Christmas wishes. One can also send friendship notes with Christmas wishes through short text messages and through social networking sites.

“I wish you my friend a merry Christmas. Let this Christmas bring loads of happy moments in the special friendship bond we share and our friendship be much stronger.”

Sample Miscellaneous Christmas messages for friends:

“I feel lucky and blessed to have such an amazing friend like you… Thanks for being there for me every single time…. Wishing you lots of happiness and success…. Wishing you a Merry Christmas.”

“Christmas is the time to remember beautiful times spent with friends and make new memories for times to come… Warm wishes to you on Christmas my dear… May you have a blast!!!”

“May Christmas bring to you eternal light of happiness and hope, ray of faith to move ahead in life and always be successful… Merry Christmas my dear friend… May God bless you.”

“I send my Christmas wishes for my lovely overseas friend through this beautiful card and also send love for you. Let this Christmas bring you cherished moments of celebration.”

“Santa is on his way, though without gifts for you. Heard you have been too much flirty this year for which no gifts for you, my friend. Bad luck and merry Christmas for you dear friend.”

“Let the birth of baby Jesus, make our friendship stronger and deep with moments of happiness all around. I wish you a merry Christmas my friend.”

“Let this card gift my overseas friend my love and joyous moments this Christmas. Let there be love and happiness all around in your life. I wish you a merry Christmas my friend.”

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