Birthday Messages for Girlfriend far away

Sample Birthday Messages for Girlfriend far away

In some relationships the girlfriend and the boyfriend might be from different places and staying far away. As such, a text message or a special birthday wish through social networking sites is a best option.

Best Samples of sweet birthday messages for girlfriend far away:

1). To my girlfriend living far away, I send my love and heartiest wishes for a fabulous birthday celebration. I hope you have lots of lovely moments this special day.

2). This text carries best wishes for a happy birthday celebration for my girlfriend far away. I hope you are celebrating your birthday well with friends there.

3). Dear girlfriend far away, wishing you a happy birthday and also send my love for you. I send you the beautiful gift for you and I hope you love it.

4). Dearest girlfriend far away, wishing you a fabulous birthday celebration. Make sure you give me the treat dear in the five star hotels you promised.

5). Dear girlfriend far away, I am sorry I couldn’t be there at your birthday celebration due to a sudden emergency. I wish you all the love and a happy birthday celebration.

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